Edmund's Traditional Toy Soldiers

We are proud to offer toy soldiers produced by Edmund's Traditional Toy Soldiers of San Francisco, CA.  There are now over 225 sets in the American Civil War collection.  We now keep all of these in stock, but only keep one on hand for most sets, so check the web page to determine if we have the set on back order.  We now also stock many of Edmunds's non-American Civil War sets.  Each set is handmade, solid cast, and painted by Edmund Fangonilo.  They are packaged in a foam-lined deluxe box.  The soldiers are created in the traditional old toy soldier style, scale is 1:32 (54mm), appx. 2 1/4" tall and made with great attention to detail.  The sets are made primarily of a pewter-like alloy, primarily of tin which gives the feel of traditional lead soldiers but contains no lead or antimony.  Production of each set is limited to 100.  The sets are for collectors and not appropriate for children. 

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8th Texas Volunteer Cavalry Regiment, "Terry's Texas Rangers"

Sets come in foam lined presentation boxes signed by Edmund Fangonilo.